July 9, 2018


At last time to catch up with Hugo’s blog and as I don’t want to miss any important bits out, here’s a picture of him sporting his very first proper hairdo, back in November 2017.

The ladies that do the clipping said he was a very good boy and behaved himself really well.  That all changed when we got home and he decided to show us exactly what he thought himself of his new “do”.
Black dogs don’t show up well in photos, especially indoors but you get the idea.  He was transformed from a scruffy little mite into a very well coiffed bundle of fluff. Not quite a proper poodle yet but that would come.  The grooming ladies said he was too young for them to use the clippers on him so they used scissors instead.  Plus the fact that it was very cold and miserable weather and having a nice fluffy fur coat was a bonus.
Of course, I hope you’re also admiring the rather ghastly hall carpet – ahem……..!!

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