November 27, 2017



Hugo is growing fast and he’s also a quick learner.  The house training has taken much less time than we expected and he’s picked up all the essential commands quickly too.  He has been no trouble at all walking on the lead or on the pavement with passing traffic.


He loves his walks, his dinner, his toys, everything in fact!  He’s a truly adorable little dog but won’t be so little for much longer!


He travels well in the car and has had his first trim.  He sounds like the perfect dog but he has his moments!  Like nonchalantly lying on top of my slippers and giving them a sly chew when I’m not looking!


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  1. Congratulations! Life is so much better with a furry baby to keep you on your toes! Cheers to HUGO! I look forward to hearing about all your adventures.


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