July 1, 2016

RIP Lulu


Our joy in getting back our old Lulu did not last very long.  We collected her from the vet’s last Friday, full of vitality but on Tuesday morning I thought I noticed signs that all was not well.

She deteriorated fast, as our UK vet had warned us she might.


After her teatime walk on Tuesday she was obviously in distress and took to her bed where she stayed for eighteen hours.  An appointment was made with our vet in Descartes for Wednesday afternoon. 


We got her up at lunchtime and after pottering around the garden she came with us for one of her favourite walks around the lake at La Celle-Guenand.  We all like that walk and it’s on flat ground so not too taxing for a dog that’s feeling poorly.

The vet in Descartes was wonderful.  The practice is in a different league to our vet in Derbyshire, but that’s another story.  We showed him the report of her illness and treatment and he said he would take another blood sample.  Our hearts sank.  If we had to wait another two days for the result Lulu would most likely be in a terrible state again by then, and we didn’t want that to happen.

But no, the surgery is far better equipped and after a last walk around outside, amongst the flowers and trees, the result was in and showed that her kidneys were in a very poor state.  With no other treatment available and no future for Lulu except pain and feeling ill, we decided to have her put to sleep there and then, before she became as ill and distressed as when we first took her to the vet in Derbyshire.

We have been in this position twice before with our standard poodles and it never gets any easier.  This time we feel it more because she was our “best girl”, as we told her often.  With our rescued poodles we battled with history and problems not of our making.  We chose Lulu as a puppy and hoped to avoid the baggage that comes with a rescued dog.  She became a thoroughly delightful, well behaved dog and we feel cheated out of the extra years, that at barely eight years old she was too young.

Anyhow, that’s where we are.  Doing the right thing never feels right afterwards and now we have to adjust to a life without Lulu.  It won’t be easy.


  1. Just found your blog and it is to this entry about losing Lulu. Sorry for your loss. Dogs are the children that don't go away to college, aren't they? Chin up to your both. Maggie

    1. Thank you Maggie, the pain is still there. We are not yet at the point where we can think of Lulu just with joy, not saddened by losing her. It will take some more time I think. We got over our rescued poodles more easily, although we loved them just as much.


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