June 24, 2016



Having spent two days in “hospital” having intravenous fluids to flush her kidneys, Lulu is much, much better.

The shaved area on her back (she has a matching one on the other side) is where they performed the ultrasound scan.  This showed that her kidneys looked perfectly normal so there is no obvious explanation for why they are failing.

She is more like our old Lulu, the one we now realise we lost several months ago, which is probably when she started to feel ill.  When we collected her from the vet’s she was bouncy, wriggly, full of beans, although skin and bone because she has eaten hardly anything for over a week now.

She was discharged with kidney pills, antibiotics and a load of special food that should not put any stress on her kidneys, dried kibble and canned meat.  When we got her home she managed to eat and keep down a small amount, which is looking very promising.

The idea is that now she feels better and the flushing of her kidneys has eliminated the toxins they can no longer remove, she should stabilise as long as she stays on the special food.  If her kidneys are so badly damaged that they can’t cope she will go downhill and get to the point where she was last week.  If she remains stable, we could keep her for months or even years.  Now that we know how lively she should be, we should be able to spot the deterioration quickly.  The sad thing is, if it happens again, there will be nothing that can be done about it.  So we’re keeping our fingers well and truly crossed.

So we got our Lulu back when two days ago we thought she was a gonner.  As for the result of the referendum – words fail me.  Goodness knows what will happen now.


  1. I feel so very, very sorry for you! We've had to "let go" of two wonderful Standard Poodles, and it is heartbreaking to think about that, even years after the fact. I do hope you can keep her well, with good diet and occasional dialysis.

    As for the Brexit, I recall the old Chinese curse: "My you live in interesting times." I suspect things may get very "interesting" before this is over.

    Blessings and big Bear hugs to you and Lulu. Wish I could be more helpful.

  2. Lulu! My paws are crossed and I'm sending non-toxic POTP to you. Keep being your bouncy self.

    Your friend in California,



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