March 28, 2016


nail job

Lulu's visits to her hairdresser are less frequent than they used to be.  She's such a baby when it comes to being clipped that we're nervous about taking her to somewhere new.  Her regular hairdresser is used to her whinging and squealing, not to mention wriggling and jumping about, and she manages to do a great job without too much upset.  We worry that a new hairdresser might not be so understanding, or even possibly rather unkind when it comes to getting the job done.
Our visits to the UK are less regular than they used to be so consequently Lulu often goes eight weeks between trims and the last time it was ten.  She was pretty scruffy by then.  After she was clipped she looked like a different dog, like the old and glamorous Lulu.  So I couldn't resist putting the finishing touches to her appearance by giving her a nail job.

nail job2

She doesn't like having her nails done much, but it doesn't take long and she always seems to show off a bit afterwards!