January 8, 2016


apero time

It is now over a year since Lulu welcomed Daisy into her home.  Well I’m not sure welcomed is exactly the right word.  Lulu tolerates Daisy but is not keen on being too friendly.

apero time2

This is very noticeable at apéro time.  When the weather is good and the sun is over the yard arm, we usually sit outside on the decking with a drink and possibly some nibbles.  There are always treats for Lulu and Daisy – biscuits for Lulu and Dreamies for Daisy.

apero time3

We throw Lulu’s biscuits so she can chase and find them on the grass.  We do the same for Daisy except that the Dreamies are dropped under the chair.  That way we avoid confusion over whose treats are whose.  What’s hers is hers!

apero time4apero time5apero time6

Daisy will then spend some time trying to get Lulu to notice her and be friendly.  Lulu nearly always remains aloof, even giving a little grumble if Daisy invades her personal space too much.  The pantomime usually continues during dinner time.

Poor Daisy, it’s definitely a case of unrequited love for her.  For Lulu it’s more a case of “why did that pesky cat have to come and live here?!”