September 22, 2015



We took Lulu to the vet recently for her annual boosters and the vet discovered that some of her teeth were in poor shape.

We attribute this to the diet we give her.  She is allergic to many of the common dog foods and treats that are available to clean her teeth.  The big white hide chews worked well for a while, until she got into the habit of just softening them a bit then swallowing them whole, with unpleasant effects on her tummy.  We give her plenty of Dentastix but they don’t seem to be as effective.

So we booked her an appointment for dental cleaning, which has to be done under general anaesthetic. 


The next day I found a lump on her tail.  I took her back to the vet, who thought it was probably a sebaceous cyst, but as she was chewing it and making it bleed, it was best to have it removed to avoid infection, getting it over with while she was in for dental work.

So, this morning Lulu was bounding through the woods in her usual joyful, life is good, kind of way.  Half a day later she’s feeling very sorry for herself, having had the offending lump and three large teeth removed.  Surgery at both ends.  We feel pretty awful about it, too.

Poor Lulu.  Get well soon, beautiful girl.