February 23, 2014


Lulu's new bedroom

We have done a lot of clearing out in the house because we are going to sell it.  The little bedroom was full of bookcases and was used as a study. 

Now most of the bookcases are gone and Lulu uses it as her bedroom !!  She seems to like it in there and settled down as soon as we moved her bed in.

Her snoring will be less noticeable than when she had her bed on the landing too, so we’re all happy !!


  1. So the whole event has been "moving experience" for Lulu, too! Seems like she is taking well to it. Much better than her humans, perhaps.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

    1. Bear, you are so right!
      She did seem a bit unsettled when all around her was upside down but we reassured her constantly that there was nothing to worry about.
      Now we just have to try to keep the place tidy - that's a real challenge!


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