December 15, 2013



Lulu is without a doubt a lovely dog.  She has such a good nature.  She is a delight to have as company when Nick is working away from home but she definitely misses her dad.

If he is away for a week she spends the first three days looking for him everywhere.  We cuddle on the sofa but I can sense that all the time she is wondering when he’s going to come through the door.

Her life is only complete when he’s home.

September 23, 2013


Lulu is five years old now and still hates being groomed.


Here she is as we set off for the “hairdressers” last week.  It had been six weeks since her last trim and she was looking a bit shaggy.


She’s pretty good at working out where we’re going when she gets in the car, depending on what time of day it is.  At this time it could mean a drive to a nice long walk, going to my dad’s for a few hours, a visit to the vet or………… the dreaded grooming.

When we get near the grooming salon I can tell she knows what’s happening.  When I open the boot she lies upside down, on her back, squashed up against the car seat, to make it as difficult as possible for me to put her lead on and get her out.

But we have ways of doing things !!  I can’t lift her myself as she’s too heavy ~ especially when she’s upside down ~ so I just pick up the blanket underneath her and tip her out onto the ground.  It might seem rather unkind and very unbecoming of a young lady ~ but it works.


I do sympathise with her.  She seems to have very sensitive skin and the grooming process must be very uncomfortable for her.  The ladies that do it are very kind and careful with her.

When I pick her up three hours later she looks absolutely gorgeous and smells nice too.


Here she is looking at me with that “how could you let them do this to me AGAIN” look on her face.  If you click to enlarge the photo you will see that her poor feet are very red and swollen.  Within a few hours they are always back to normal though.

And who can resist giving a really nice tasty treat to such a beautiful girl ??!!

June 10, 2013


It was a nice day so we went for a walk in the forest of Preuilly.  We parked by the lake and the noise of the frogs was quite deafening.

We had a lovely long walk, about an hour altogether, and most of it was in shade so we didn’t get too hot.

Unfortunately Lulu picked up some ticks.  She has never had them before when we have been on holiday in France.  Despite having given her a Frontline treatment so far we have removed five from her body, poor thing.  Luckily they are not the kind of ticks that carry disease that can be harmful or even fatal for dogs.

So although it was nice to walk in the forest, I think we’ll leave Lulu at home if we go again in summer, which is a shame. 

May 19, 2013


Lulu with mug

When we are in France it often gets too warm for Lulu so the best place for a little snooze is on the cool tiled floor, behind the sofa. 

While she’s snoozing I can enjoy a nice cup of tea, accompanied by the snoring !!

January 23, 2013



One of our neighbours is taking care of her granddaughter Amelia’s new puppy.


The puppy was a Christmas present for Amelia, who always likes to make a fuss of Lulu when she comes to stay in the country during the school holidays.

So she decided to call her puppy Lulu !!


The baby Lulu is a cavapoo, a cross between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a toy poodle.  She reminded me a lot of our Lulu when she was a baby.  Only she’s much smaller !!

She is just twelve weeks old and will soon be going to live with her new family in London.  It’s likely that baby Lulu will be coming back to stay with her grandmother during the holidays.

Lulu can hardly wait and hopes she will be able to come out and play !!