December 19, 2012


tangled up

Lulu got herself all tangled up the other afternoon.

I was busy chatting to a neighbour in the lane and Lulu amused herself by investigating the nearby hedge bottom.  I heard her squeal and saw that she had a bit of bramble stuck in the fur on one ear.

Now Lulu is a bit of a prima donna when it comes to grooming or any need for prodding, poking or pulling.  All of my previous three poodles would stand patiently and let you do anything to them but not Lulu.  Just removing a seed from her fur will cause her to jump about and scream as if you were trying to murder her !!

I attempted to gently pull the bramble out of the fur on her ears but she squealed and shook her head so much that the bramble ended up stuck to both ears and the fur on her neck !!

So I had no option but to walk home with her in that state.  She looked very miserable and we got a few strange looks from passers by but there was nothing I could do about it until we got home.

I found my gardening gloves, a pair of secateurs and some scissors, cut the twig as short as possible and then cut it out of her fur.

I’m hoping the ladies that  groom her can even her ears up a bit when she goes for her next haircut !!

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