December 8, 2012


Some photos taken last weekend on a frosty Sunday afternoon.

frosty walk1 frosty walk2 frosty walk3 frosty walk4 Lulu always comes running at full speed when Nick calls her.  Mostly, anyway.

frosty walk5 A lovely view towards the village of Ashover.

frosty walk6

Lulu often walks way ahead of us, occasionally stopping for us to catch up.  So considerate !!

 frosty walk7 frosty walk8These cattle were patiently waiting at the gate for the farmer to bring their lunch.

frosty walk9 frosty walk9a The stream had calmed down a lot since the previous week.  It had flooded the path after all the rain last month.

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  1. Thanks for taking us along on your lovely walk, Lulu!

    Bart and Ruby


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