October 20, 2012


before and after1 before and after2 before and after3 before and after4 before and after5 before and after6

Lulu has her hair done about every five or six weeks.  I took these pictures the day before she had her trim at the end of September.  It had been raining for several days but then the sun came out so we put on our wellies and went for a splash through the puddles.

before and after7 before and after8 before and after9 

I took the second set of photos a couple of days later, when she was looking beautiful and freshly groomed.  The muddy footprints were the only thing that stayed the same. 

before and after9a

I don’t mean that of course.  She always looks beautiful to me.  However scruffy she may look to anyone else, she will always be my beautiful girl.

The smell could sometimes be improved a bit though !!


  1. I can imagine the sweet smell when she comes home from being groomed. I agree though I am sure she looks beautiful regardless. Take care Diane

  2. Lulu is ALWAYS gorgeous .. even when she's muddying up your trousers! :-)

  3. Lulu, we think you look beautiful before AND after!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. Gorgeous girl Lulu, we have the same problems, keeping little schnauzers looking beautiful and clean in all this muddy weather is not easy :) xx

  5. she is lovely all of the time, but especially lovely after grooming. i LOVE her tail - what a gorgeous foof!


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