July 29, 2012


Lulu with 2cv

I while ago someone asked me to take a picture of Lulu with a 2CV so here it is.  She dutifully posed with our friends Tim and Pauline’s beautiful 2CV at their house near Le Grand-Pressigny.

When we try to get Lulu to pose for the camera she always adopts the same pose, sitting very erect and puffing her chest out !!

 Lulu with 2cv2

Moments later she had had enough of sitting still and carried on doing what she enjoys most – running around at huge speed, just because she can !!


  1. She has good taste allowing you to take a photo of her next to a 2 CV :) Diane

  2. The light must have been kind to Magrat... she doesn't look as though she needs the clean that's due!!
    And.... I know why Lulu was happy to pose next to Magrat... she corners like a 2CV!

  3. that's a cute little car. Lulu is good at posing. she looks lovely. we can't blame her for wanting to run around though. that's what we do too!

  4. Lulu looks so elegant. But a chien like her needs a BMW at the very least. Perhaps a Bently or a Rolls-Royce (though perhaps a Jaguar, thought I'm not so sure about that).


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