May 16, 2012


I have mentioned before about Lulu’s skin condition.  She seems to be allergic to something which causes huge bumps on her body.  They appear from nowhere and within 24 hours they are gone.

Lulus bump

A common place for a bump to appear is on her nose.  Another is over one eye.  I wrote about that here.

They obviously itch furiously but we try to stop her scratching.  The bumps have become less frequent since we changed her diet.  It would be so nice if we could eliminate them all together.


  1. Poor Lulu. Sorry to hear about he bumpy road she travels. Hope whatever it is leaver her alone.

  2. Missy, my dog got this a few months ago but only the once. It's very alarming, we have no idea what caused it either, I am hoping it doesn't recur. In Missy, it seemed to be mainly where she has little hair, on her tummy and insides of her legs, one or two on her head and back. We noticed it in the evening and it didn't seem to be bothering her (but itchy as you say), she still had an appetite and was keen to go for her walk, and she was still bright so we decided to delay taking her to the vet til morning though I was all for an emergency appointment as looked SO bad, we just kept a close eye on her, I couldn't sleep all night for worrying and checking her. By the time she got to the vet, she was completely clear of bumps, one or two came up and went down again over the course of the next 48 hours and then she was fine. The only thing we could put it down to was she had run through a patch of long grass earlier in the day, I wondered if the farmer had sprayed it with anything but it was wintertime so probably not, fungicides and herbicides tend to be applied Spring through to a couple of weeks before harvest so it's a complete mystery. We haven't let her go running there again since though just in case. I hope you manage to pin down Lulu's and get rid of the bumps altogether.


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