May 6, 2012


cream cheese1

Lulu is not very keen on grooming.  She sprottles about, wriggling and trying to bite the brush, making it very hard work for both of us.  This is partly because she has sensitive skin but partly because she simply doesn’t like it.

So I use the cream cheese method of dog grooming.

 cream cheese2

I smear cream cheese (Lulu’s favourite flavours are smoked salmon and smoky bacon) over the oven or fridge door.  While she’s licking it off I can get on with the brushing at the other end and she doesn’t notice.

Sometimes a full brushing session will require two goes at the cream cheese.

It also works when we’re at the vet’s, although sometimes I have to explain in advance why I am smearing cream cheese all over the legs of the examination table.  Not all vets are familiar with the technique !!


  1. She is a very smart poodle girl. I am an expert at getting alpha to do things for me so I'll cooperate.

  2. Maybe this technique could be applied to humans too - at the hairdresser's perhaps (Nutella, lemon curd?) or the chiropodist's (more of a mascarpone or strawberry jam event I feel).

    P.S. I love the word 'sprottle'!


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