December 19, 2012


tangled up

Lulu got herself all tangled up the other afternoon.

I was busy chatting to a neighbour in the lane and Lulu amused herself by investigating the nearby hedge bottom.  I heard her squeal and saw that she had a bit of bramble stuck in the fur on one ear.

Now Lulu is a bit of a prima donna when it comes to grooming or any need for prodding, poking or pulling.  All of my previous three poodles would stand patiently and let you do anything to them but not Lulu.  Just removing a seed from her fur will cause her to jump about and scream as if you were trying to murder her !!

I attempted to gently pull the bramble out of the fur on her ears but she squealed and shook her head so much that the bramble ended up stuck to both ears and the fur on her neck !!

So I had no option but to walk home with her in that state.  She looked very miserable and we got a few strange looks from passers by but there was nothing I could do about it until we got home.

I found my gardening gloves, a pair of secateurs and some scissors, cut the twig as short as possible and then cut it out of her fur.

I’m hoping the ladies that  groom her can even her ears up a bit when she goes for her next haircut !!

December 8, 2012


Some photos taken last weekend on a frosty Sunday afternoon.

frosty walk1 frosty walk2 frosty walk3 frosty walk4 Lulu always comes running at full speed when Nick calls her.  Mostly, anyway.

frosty walk5 A lovely view towards the village of Ashover.

frosty walk6

Lulu often walks way ahead of us, occasionally stopping for us to catch up.  So considerate !!

 frosty walk7 frosty walk8These cattle were patiently waiting at the gate for the farmer to bring their lunch.

frosty walk9 frosty walk9a The stream had calmed down a lot since the previous week.  It had flooded the path after all the rain last month.

October 20, 2012


before and after1 before and after2 before and after3 before and after4 before and after5 before and after6

Lulu has her hair done about every five or six weeks.  I took these pictures the day before she had her trim at the end of September.  It had been raining for several days but then the sun came out so we put on our wellies and went for a splash through the puddles.

before and after7 before and after8 before and after9 

I took the second set of photos a couple of days later, when she was looking beautiful and freshly groomed.  The muddy footprints were the only thing that stayed the same. 

before and after9a

I don’t mean that of course.  She always looks beautiful to me.  However scruffy she may look to anyone else, she will always be my beautiful girl.

The smell could sometimes be improved a bit though !!

August 12, 2012


big stick1

Dogs are like children I guess.

 big stick2

You can spend a small fortune on proper toys but all they really want


big stick3

Is a big stick.

Or maybe a cardboard box.

(At least it’s not an i-bone !!)

July 29, 2012


Lulu with 2cv

I while ago someone asked me to take a picture of Lulu with a 2CV so here it is.  She dutifully posed with our friends Tim and Pauline’s beautiful 2CV at their house near Le Grand-Pressigny.

When we try to get Lulu to pose for the camera she always adopts the same pose, sitting very erect and puffing her chest out !!

 Lulu with 2cv2

Moments later she had had enough of sitting still and carried on doing what she enjoys most – running around at huge speed, just because she can !!

June 9, 2012


favourite toy

Last Christmas a friend gave Lulu a plastic turkey.  She loves it so much that even though it’s now full of holes and rather grubby she takes it everywhere including to bed with her.

favourite toy2

So we decided to get her another one to take on her holidays.  Which saves having to take the old one with us and risking leaving it behind.

favourite toy3

With both of them she was not happy until she had chewed the head off and bitten the squeaker out of its bottom.

We were not upset about seeing the disappearance of the squeaker – into the dustbin – it made an incredibly loud and shrill squeak !!

(Some would say, with friends like that, who needs……..)

(Click to enlarge the photos.)

May 23, 2012



It always amazes me how bendy Lulu is.  I don’t remember ever being quite that bendy myself.  Believe it or not, this is one of her favourite positions – not very ladylike, but quite fetching, in a way.

May 16, 2012


I have mentioned before about Lulu’s skin condition.  She seems to be allergic to something which causes huge bumps on her body.  They appear from nowhere and within 24 hours they are gone.

Lulus bump

A common place for a bump to appear is on her nose.  Another is over one eye.  I wrote about that here.

They obviously itch furiously but we try to stop her scratching.  The bumps have become less frequent since we changed her diet.  It would be so nice if we could eliminate them all together.

May 6, 2012


cream cheese1

Lulu is not very keen on grooming.  She sprottles about, wriggling and trying to bite the brush, making it very hard work for both of us.  This is partly because she has sensitive skin but partly because she simply doesn’t like it.

So I use the cream cheese method of dog grooming.

 cream cheese2

I smear cream cheese (Lulu’s favourite flavours are smoked salmon and smoky bacon) over the oven or fridge door.  While she’s licking it off I can get on with the brushing at the other end and she doesn’t notice.

Sometimes a full brushing session will require two goes at the cream cheese.

It also works when we’re at the vet’s, although sometimes I have to explain in advance why I am smearing cream cheese all over the legs of the examination table.  Not all vets are familiar with the technique !!

April 21, 2012



When I was changing the bedlinen the other day, Lulu decided she would help by keeping the duvet warm.  Thank you, Lulu.

February 24, 2012



I think we’ll give the straighteners a miss this time.