December 20, 2011


Lulu likes to sleep on the landing and I was worried that it might be a bit draughty for her so we bought her a lovely new bed.

I put her favourite red fluffy blanket and her rather old and tatty pillow in it, the one that was bigger than she was when we first got her.

lulus bed 1

It’s very warm and cosy and she loves it.  She jumped in and made herself comfortable as soon as I put it down.

 lulus bed 2

The higher sides muffle the snoring a bit, too !!


  1. Very rewarding. Nothing worse that going to all that trouble and then it being ignored!! Happy Christmas Lulu. Diane

  2. Lulu, you have trained your staff very well! Your new bed looks very cozy and comfy.

  3. Oh my, your Lulu is lovely! Hope to see more stories about her.
    We have gone the rescue route (yes lots of baggage). Also went the puppy way with Chelsea. LOL, what a trip- but she is five now and we are all still sane.


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