June 30, 2011


I was upset today to hear this report and this report of two police dogs being left to die in an unventilated car at a dog training centre.


There was a similar case closer to home, in Nottinghamshire, two years ago, and the police officer responsible was convicted of cruelty to animals.  I believe he claimed he was suffering from depression.

How on earth can anyone forget they have left their dogs in a car when it is 30°C outside?  Let alone such valuable animals as police dogs, trained at the taxpayer’s expense.  And especially when the person responsible is a dog trainer, who should know more than most people about how to look after a beautiful and valuable dog.

You wouldn’t leave your baby or grandmother trapped in a hot car to die so how could anyone do this to a dog?

The animals suffer a horrible death.  They are distressed, terrified and in terrible pain as their organs shut down.  I only wish the officer whose fault it was that they died could suffer half as much but I just know he won’t and that it will happen again, and again.

It’s heart-breaking.


  1. Perhaps the officer should be locked in the back of a police car for a few hot hours. That's most disturbing.

  2. Couldn't agree more Jean - how could he forget? And did I read it correctly that this is the second time he's done this? The same officer killed a police dog 7 years ago in the same way! I hope that charges are brought.

  3. We have to start jailing people who do this, ESPECIALLY when they're professionals who should know better. Whilst I was enjoying the lovely weather at a bar-b-q, it just breaks my heart that two dogs died in that stifling heat, one only a puppy ... and all because of the stupidity of this stupid idiot. I cried when I heard, I hate people who are cruel to animals. He should be sacked from his job. His house should be sold and the proceeds donated to the RSPCA, he should be hung drawn and quartered and dragged through the streets. I will then STAMP on the bits.

  4. Rottrover - I agree.

    Craig - apparently he has done this before. It's unbelievable that he should be promoted and still in dog training after that but to do it again shows a contempt for animals that surely should put him in jail, in my opinion.

    Sue - I was equally upset and angry. After you have stamped on the bits I will feed them to the dogs.

  5. Jean I missed this post but I am sooooo sad to read it now. I agree, how can this happen it is paramount to murder as far as I am concerned. Diane


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