June 30, 2011


I was upset today to hear this report and this report of two police dogs being left to die in an unventilated car at a dog training centre.


There was a similar case closer to home, in Nottinghamshire, two years ago, and the police officer responsible was convicted of cruelty to animals.  I believe he claimed he was suffering from depression.

How on earth can anyone forget they have left their dogs in a car when it is 30°C outside?  Let alone such valuable animals as police dogs, trained at the taxpayer’s expense.  And especially when the person responsible is a dog trainer, who should know more than most people about how to look after a beautiful and valuable dog.

You wouldn’t leave your baby or grandmother trapped in a hot car to die so how could anyone do this to a dog?

The animals suffer a horrible death.  They are distressed, terrified and in terrible pain as their organs shut down.  I only wish the officer whose fault it was that they died could suffer half as much but I just know he won’t and that it will happen again, and again.

It’s heart-breaking.