February 2, 2011


Lulu  had never been to the seaside before.

You can only take dogs on the beach from October to March, so the last weekend in January, when the sun was shining, seemed like a good time to introduce her to the joys of the seaside.

FEB 2011 - 1 065

She had a great time.  She made lots of new friends, and ran and ran along the beach just for the sheer joy of it.

FEB 2011 - 1 029 

FEB 2011 - 1 040

Cleethorpes is not the most elegant seaside resort but it’s the nearest to us and we all loved it. 

FEB 2011 - 1 002 FEB 2011 - 1 006

There were lots of new smells to sniff – it didn’t take Lulu long to find the smelliest part of the mud flats.  Within ten minutes of arriving we had one very muddy, happy poodle.

FEB 2011 - 1 066

FEB 2011 - 1 080

Luckily some more running around in the fresh air with her new friends dried the mud so we could brush it off quite easily.

FEB 2011 - 1 068

We all had fish and chips for lunch and another run around then made our way home, very happy.

FEB 2011 - 1 009

FEB 2011 - 1 086

FEB 2011 - 1 088

FEB 2011 - 1 091We hope to be able to go again soon, while dogs are still allowed to play on the beach.


  1. what a great beach to play on. you look very happy, Lulu. did you try out the water at all? we bet you were tired after all of that running and playing. that looks like our kind of place. i, Bailey, am the only one of us who has been to the ocean. it was pretty fun. we sure wish that we could join you there for a romp. that would be great fun.


  2. Bailey - the tide was coming in and the water was very, very cold. Lulu was not impressed when it washed over her paws so was not tempted to investigate further the possiblity of paddling !!

  3. Looks like she had great fun. I am scared now of dogs at the coast, I lost one of favourite dogs through him picking up and eating a dead blowfish in S.Africa, they are very poisonous and despite the vet doing all he could it was the worst holiday I have ever had. Hopefully it is a tropical fish and you do not get them here. Diane

  4. Diane - how awful for you. Dogs are their own worst enemies at times.
    I don't think we get anything like that in UK waters but I am always nervous when Lulu is sniffing something dead and festering. We try to stop her eating it but if she's determined and we can't get near enough to pull her away it's very worrying.

  5. Lulu! I didn't know you had your own blog. Wonderful.

    It looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach. A new place to explore; new friends to make.

    We have a river here, but no beach to speak of, so we don't go down, as the currents are treacherous.

    Bark! Arf! Woof!

  6. Sadie - Lulu would definitley recommend that you persuade your family to take you to the beach, especially in winter, so that you can run around without having to avoid children and picnics !!

  7. Looks like great fun Lulu.
    My Dad tells me that our new house which we move into in 3 weeks is only 150M from the beach. I can't wait!

  8. I wonder if Callie remembers her trip to the beach at the Ile d'Oléron in 2008. Our other dog, Collette, used to go to the beach in San Francisco all the time. Dogs love running in all that sand, and even dodging the waves.

  9. Boris - how brilliant - only 150m from the beach - lucky you - can Lulu come and stay...?

    Ken - I'm sure that if ever Callie gets a whiff of sea air she will remember instantly what fun she had on the beach. You're right, all dogs love the beach I think.


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