January 4, 2011


DEC HOLS 2010 004 

DEC HOLS 2010 014

Lulu had a lovely white Christmas with lots of walks in the snow.

DEC HOLS 2010 017 DEC HOLS 2010 021 

There were presents to open and eat.

DEC 2010 149

I made her favourite breakfast, cheesy egg with plain mixer.  This something we started the month before when we were snowed in and couldn’t get to the shops to stock up on dog food.

DEC 2010 150

It’s basically scrambled egg with a cheese triangle melted into it when it’s cooked.

DEC 2010 151

Lulu loves it.  In fact it looked so good to eat that we started to have it as a treat ourselves.  On toast, not mixer, of course.

DEC HOLS 2010 031

There was a bit of roast chicken left over for later.  Lulu likes chicken.  She liked stuffing and chipolatas, too.

DEC HOLS 2010 032

And no Christmas would be complete without a snooze on the sofa during the Queen’s speech.

DEC HOLS 2010 038