December 20, 2011


Lulu likes to sleep on the landing and I was worried that it might be a bit draughty for her so we bought her a lovely new bed.

I put her favourite red fluffy blanket and her rather old and tatty pillow in it, the one that was bigger than she was when we first got her.

lulus bed 1

It’s very warm and cosy and she loves it.  She jumped in and made herself comfortable as soon as I put it down.

 lulus bed 2

The higher sides muffle the snoring a bit, too !!

October 25, 2011



There are times when a poodle would be quite happy to stay on the sofa all day.

October 19, 2011


messy eater 1

Now that Lulu is fully grown and a big girl, her ears are very long.  This means that they dangle in her dinner bowl when she eats.

 messy eater 2

Mostly I forget to do anything about it but sometimes I just can’t bear the idea of spaghetti-daubed ears all over my sofa.  So I clip her ears back behind her head while she eats, using a plastic bag clip.

She doesn’t seem to mind.  Well, as long as her dinner is tasty enough for her not to notice.

September 14, 2011


lunch with Lulu

One very warm and sunny day in Le Grand-Pressigny, we had a sudden yearning for fish and chips.

The village Spa shop came up trumps – frozen chips, peas and fish cakes in breadcrumbs – not quite fish and chip shop standard but pretty good.

Lulu was asleep under a shady tree but as soon as the plates landed on the table, her nose started twitching.  She quite likes an occasional chip dipped in a puddle of tomato ketchup, as it turns out.

July 29, 2011


Lulu has just enjoyed another holiday with us in Le Grand-Pressigny.  While we were there she had her third birthday.


When I went down the steps with my friend Elizabeth to explore the tower that overlooks the village, Lulu stood at the top, wondering what on earth we were doing. 

Thanks to Elizabeth who had her camera with her and took these lovely photos !!


June 30, 2011


I was upset today to hear this report and this report of two police dogs being left to die in an unventilated car at a dog training centre.


There was a similar case closer to home, in Nottinghamshire, two years ago, and the police officer responsible was convicted of cruelty to animals.  I believe he claimed he was suffering from depression.

How on earth can anyone forget they have left their dogs in a car when it is 30°C outside?  Let alone such valuable animals as police dogs, trained at the taxpayer’s expense.  And especially when the person responsible is a dog trainer, who should know more than most people about how to look after a beautiful and valuable dog.

You wouldn’t leave your baby or grandmother trapped in a hot car to die so how could anyone do this to a dog?

The animals suffer a horrible death.  They are distressed, terrified and in terrible pain as their organs shut down.  I only wish the officer whose fault it was that they died could suffer half as much but I just know he won’t and that it will happen again, and again.

It’s heart-breaking.

May 5, 2011


Lulu’s favourite place to sleep is the sofa.




It is however, most important to get really comfortable.


Élégante, moi ?

March 20, 2011



Lulu enjoys watching the rugby on TV, especially if it means she can sit next to her dad for an hour or two.

She really didn’t mind at all that we failed to win the grand slam.


February 27, 2011



We have had several weeks of grey and gloomy weather here.  In fact it’s just a typical February.  Lulu still enjoys her walks though.



LULU7 She is not quite so keen on the paw-washing after every walk, though.

February 16, 2011


Lulu ironing

Lulu always likes to help with the housework.  Supervision is more her thing than being “hands on”.

February 2, 2011


Lulu  had never been to the seaside before.

You can only take dogs on the beach from October to March, so the last weekend in January, when the sun was shining, seemed like a good time to introduce her to the joys of the seaside.

FEB 2011 - 1 065

She had a great time.  She made lots of new friends, and ran and ran along the beach just for the sheer joy of it.

FEB 2011 - 1 029 

FEB 2011 - 1 040

Cleethorpes is not the most elegant seaside resort but it’s the nearest to us and we all loved it. 

FEB 2011 - 1 002 FEB 2011 - 1 006

There were lots of new smells to sniff – it didn’t take Lulu long to find the smelliest part of the mud flats.  Within ten minutes of arriving we had one very muddy, happy poodle.

FEB 2011 - 1 066

FEB 2011 - 1 080

Luckily some more running around in the fresh air with her new friends dried the mud so we could brush it off quite easily.

FEB 2011 - 1 068

We all had fish and chips for lunch and another run around then made our way home, very happy.

FEB 2011 - 1 009

FEB 2011 - 1 086

FEB 2011 - 1 088

FEB 2011 - 1 091We hope to be able to go again soon, while dogs are still allowed to play on the beach.

January 4, 2011


DEC HOLS 2010 004 

DEC HOLS 2010 014

Lulu had a lovely white Christmas with lots of walks in the snow.

DEC HOLS 2010 017 DEC HOLS 2010 021 

There were presents to open and eat.

DEC 2010 149

I made her favourite breakfast, cheesy egg with plain mixer.  This something we started the month before when we were snowed in and couldn’t get to the shops to stock up on dog food.

DEC 2010 150

It’s basically scrambled egg with a cheese triangle melted into it when it’s cooked.

DEC 2010 151

Lulu loves it.  In fact it looked so good to eat that we started to have it as a treat ourselves.  On toast, not mixer, of course.

DEC HOLS 2010 031

There was a bit of roast chicken left over for later.  Lulu likes chicken.  She liked stuffing and chipolatas, too.

DEC HOLS 2010 032

And no Christmas would be complete without a snooze on the sofa during the Queen’s speech.

DEC HOLS 2010 038