September 13, 2010


When Lulu got up this morning, she looked like she had come second in a boxing match.

This is a regular occurrence. Every so often she gets patches on her body that look swollen and red. Almost as if there is blood under the skin. Sometimes it will be a slight red patch in her groin, the size of a sixpence. Other times it will be a large swelling on her leg or, like this, above her eye. Twenty four hours later it is gone.

Several of the vets at our practice have seen it and come to the conclusion that it is an allergy. We have no idea what she could be allergic to. We can't relate it to a particular food, to a plant that she has come into contact with, or anything. It seems to occur in a completely random fashion.

It obviously itches furiously for the time that she has it and she scratches and shakes a lot. We have tried giving her antihistamine tablets or steroid tablets prescribed by the vet. I'm not sure they make any difference as it barely lasts long enough to tell.

One vet suggested taking a blood sample. We decided against this as the last time she had a blood test, for her pet passport, she had to be sedated heavily as she would not let the vet come anywhere near her with the needle.

Poor Lulu.


As usual, when Lulu got up this morning (24 hours later), the swelling was completely gone and she looked just as beautiful as she normally does.


  1. poor Lulu, we're so sorry that your eye is all swolen and sad looking. allergies are a big stinkin' bummer, aren't they? Baxter has been an itchy dog his whole life and the human and her vets haven't been able to figure it out. we've tried all kinds of things. we hope your eye will be better soon. maybe you can get some pity treats out of this deal - such a sad face.


  2. The 4 B's - you're right. She got lots of sympathy treats !!

  3. Next time you're over, get Pauline to tell you about how a vet tried to use a nasal spray vaccine on her cat Pickle!


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