May 20, 2010




These are before and after photos taken this week - when Lulu went for a hairdo.

She's quite the young lady now. The ladies that do the clipping (and believe me, it takes two to do it. She is not a pushover like Dusty was) have allowed the fur on her ears to grow longer and that makes her look less like a puppy. She's definitely not a baby any more.


  1. Arooooooooooooooo arooooooooooooooooo (that is Gordy whistling at how gorgeous Lulu looks). The groomers really did an extraordinarily good job with Lulu's haircut. Georgie and Gordy go to the "salon" next week. The groomers are calling it Standard Poodle Day, because the 2Gs will be the only clients of the day.

  2. Martina - she does look gorgeous after she has been clipped. For a few hours anyway. Until she rolls in cow poo or something else disgusting.

  3. What a beautiful dog! We're on our third Standard Poodle — each from a different breeder. All black, all female. (Are we in a rut?) We have trained our first two dogs to work with people in a long-term care facility (where my wife was Director of Spiritual Care, and used the dogs in her work). Now that we're both retired, things are a bit different. So I'm not sure what, exactly, will be the fate of Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie (who, btw, sends her greetings to Lulu). Sadie is only 10 months old.

  4. Rob-bear - we adored our black poodle, Dusty. She was a wonderful dog whose life was cut short probably due the ill-treatment she had before we got her.
    You definitley get hooked on poodles. Mind you, I expect all dog lovers feel the same about the breed they own ! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I believe.


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