April 18, 2010


A couple of days after we arrived in France for our Easter holiday, Lulu cut a pad on her foot. It didn't seem to bother her at all but there was a huge amount of blood everywhere. I was worried that it might get infected so I put a plaster on, then a bandage held in place with the only thing we had strong enough for the job, red plastic tape.

We think she did it running about in the fields behind the ch√Ęteau where there are lots of bits of flint lying around. We kept a bandage on for a few days until the bleeding had more or less stopped. She ran around on it as normal. It got her a lot of sympathy, anyway.


  1. Poor Lulu. It is a shame about her foot, but I am glad it prompted you to post. I love reading about her escapades.

  2. Did Lulu roll here eyes a lot and give you a sad look so she'd get attention? Georgie does that whenever she gets a booboo. Standard poodle girls are very good at expressing their needs. It seems to work well for them!

  3. She didn't have to make the most of being poorly because she didn't seem affected by the foot at all ! And she didn't mind having the bandage on, either. It was just the amount of blood that alarmed us.


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