March 2, 2010


Lulu is fine after her little operation. We struggled getting her in and out of the car and eventually resorted to using the ramp that we bought for Dusty when she could no longer jump in and out.

She ate a little bit of chicken yesterday evening and had porridge for breakfast this morning.
Now she's just convalescing, poor thing. I feel as though I am too.


  1. Lulu, you will feel much better in a couple of days. I'm glad you are following the Georgie's Poodle Girls Technique for Getting Maximum Attention plan. Roll your eyes a lot and once in a while let out a sigh. It worked for me-in fact still does 11 years after spaying. Get well soon little princess. Ear rubs rule!

  2. Martina - they certainly know how to do it, don't they ?! It must be an instict, along with "see rabbit, run after it", etc. !

  3. When I went to collect Bella after her op, the vet nurse carried her out to me. I was rather worried, and asked if she was ok, how long she would need to be carried etc etc. The nurse looked a bit embarrassed ... no she doesn't need carrying. She just looked so pathetic. As georgie said, the GMA plan always works.

    Hope she's dashing about soon.

    Mad (and Spottie, the Git) xx

  4. What an endearing photo. Poor Lulu. I hope she's back on her feet by now, being her usual playfull self!

  5. A little late in stopping by but I'm glad all went well and that Lulu is on the mends!!! : )
    Have a great weekend.


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