March 8, 2010


Lulu is feeling much better now. In fact she's back to normal, apart from having eight stitches in her tummy.

We had a lovely walk in Clumber Park yesterday and she was running about and enjoying herself as usual.

This photo is of her finding something very interesting to sniff. Two seconds later she was lining herself up to dive into it. Fox poo !! The same thing happened last time we visited Clumber. Fortunately this time our shouting stopped her. Phew.

It's a beautiful place for a walk. You can't tell from this picture but it was heaving with visitors.

There were scores of other dogs there. Some were enjoying a dip in the lake, notably the labradors and the spaniels. Not Lulu. In fact none of my poodles have shown any inclination for swimming. Except the one occasion when Dusty ended up in the lake at Clumber by mistake. She was chasing a moorhen and followed it into the water. I don't know who was the most surprised, us, her, or the moorhen. I will never forget the expression on her face as she re-emerged above the surface. She never did it again.

I am not looking forward to Wednesday (8th March). That is when Lulu gets her stitches removed. I have been playing at tugging at them a bit to get her used to the idea. She not too fond of the vet and I think it might be a struggle for all of us.


  1. Put some treats in your pocket when you take Lulu for her stitch removal. If the vet will let you in the room you can ply Lulu with treats to distract her while the stitches are being removed. It won't take very long and she'll leave the clinic as one happy poodle princess.

  2. Martina - that's a very good suggestion. I might even try the cream cheese technique - smearing cream cheese over the vet's table to distract her whilst the job is done. By the time she has licked it all off, it should all be over.


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