March 29, 2010


We are off on our holidays soon and Lulu comes with us all the way to France. She travels really well. The process of getting her back into the country involves a visit to the vet in France at the right time and checking her in separately at Eurotunnel before we get on the train.
This sounds like a lot of trouble but is really straightforward. People put me off it for years, saying it was such a pallaver but in fact it's a lot easier and cheaper than organising to put a dog in kennels. And better for all of us, too - we have so much fun together in France.
I usually let Nick sit in the front of the car, though.

March 21, 2010


Lulu is well over her little operation. The stitches were removed easily. I got her to do the sit, lie down, roll over trick we have taught her. Then, with Lulu on her back and a vet nurse holding one leg in mid-air (it was rather an un-ladylike pose I must say) and me feeding little chunks of cheese at the sharp end to distract her, the vet picked all the stitches out and it was done in two minutes.

Now she is completely back to normal, full of energy and wearing us out. Thank goodness.


March 8, 2010


Lulu is feeling much better now. In fact she's back to normal, apart from having eight stitches in her tummy.

We had a lovely walk in Clumber Park yesterday and she was running about and enjoying herself as usual.

This photo is of her finding something very interesting to sniff. Two seconds later she was lining herself up to dive into it. Fox poo !! The same thing happened last time we visited Clumber. Fortunately this time our shouting stopped her. Phew.

It's a beautiful place for a walk. You can't tell from this picture but it was heaving with visitors.

There were scores of other dogs there. Some were enjoying a dip in the lake, notably the labradors and the spaniels. Not Lulu. In fact none of my poodles have shown any inclination for swimming. Except the one occasion when Dusty ended up in the lake at Clumber by mistake. She was chasing a moorhen and followed it into the water. I don't know who was the most surprised, us, her, or the moorhen. I will never forget the expression on her face as she re-emerged above the surface. She never did it again.

I am not looking forward to Wednesday (8th March). That is when Lulu gets her stitches removed. I have been playing at tugging at them a bit to get her used to the idea. She not too fond of the vet and I think it might be a struggle for all of us.

March 2, 2010


Lulu is fine after her little operation. We struggled getting her in and out of the car and eventually resorted to using the ramp that we bought for Dusty when she could no longer jump in and out.

She ate a little bit of chicken yesterday evening and had porridge for breakfast this morning.
Now she's just convalescing, poor thing. I feel as though I am too.

March 1, 2010


Lulu is having her operation today. She's going to be spayed.
I feel nervous for her but I know she'll be ok.