February 13, 2010


Looking at Lulu now, it's hard to believe she was ever this tiny.
This was the first Sunday that she had with us.
She was 8 weeks old.


  1. Lulu looks so adorable. There is nothing quite so wonderful as being owned by a standard poodle!I remember those days long ago when my senior poodle was a puppy. She could sit on my lap and be picked up easily. Now she is bigger than my lap and picking her up is like picking up a lamb--with very long and wiggly legs. She is still very cuddly and a wonderful family member and companion.

  2. I remember when Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie, was a couple of months old. We brought her home from the breeders.

    Now, at 10 months, she's 50 pounds, and all enthusiasm/excitement/energy on four legs. She takes me for walks. (She's also going to "manners" school.)


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