March 1, 2010


Lulu is having her operation today. She's going to be spayed.
I feel nervous for her but I know she'll be ok.


  1. Poor Lulu. But, it is for the best. I am sure you have lots of confidence in your vet. You will just have to pamper Miss Lulu when she gets home. Love to Lulu from another Poodle Mom.

  2. Growmyown - thank you for your kind wishes. I could barely bring myself to look at her when she had to go without her breakfast. Those big beautiful eyes know how to accuse me of being a terrible mum.

    I gave her lots of cuddles in the vet's while we were waiting for the sedative to work. It should all be over by now and I can't wait to fetch her back. Then I will feel guilty all over again.

  3. It isn't easy being a Poodle mom. Especially the way they can use their eyes to make you feel sooooo guilty. Georgie made me feel like merde de chien when she went to get spayed. Don't worry Jean, she'll be home soon and ready for lots of love and special attention.


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