February 4, 2010


Just to remind myself that winter won't really last for ever, I was looking through some summery photos and found these from 20th September last year.

One of the joys of owning a dog is that you have to take it for a walk. This is one of the walks we do fairly regularly in Derbyshire. Lulu loves it. So do we.

There are all sorts of places to explore.

There are lots of different sights to see.

There is usually someone new to have a play with - in this case a Staffordshire bull terrier, who had no idea poodles could be so fast.

There are lovely views and endless tracks to walk.

More strange things to see - this is the first time any of us had seen one of these, well, one with a bag over its head anyway.

Tired, moi ?? Never !!

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  1. If anyone is interested, the walk was in the fields and lanes around Ashover in Derbyshire.


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