January 4, 2010


This fox poo was different - it was French - and Lulu managed to get an awful lot of it smeared over all the right places for maximum pong. Clicking on the photo will reveal the full extent of coverage !

Why do female dogs love to roll in fox poo ?
Or badger poo or rotting fish or anything that is extremely smelly ?

Neither of our male poodles did it.

Dusty did it whenever we weren't looking and now Lulu does it just the same. She likes to get it in her ears, on her neck, on her chest. We can spot the motion as she lines herself up to dive into it but there's no amount of shouting that will stop her.


Every girl knows there's nothing quite like a good dab of your favourite French perfume behind the ears.


  1. Jean, my Border Collie used to do it... just as you describe, but with sheep 's-h-one-t'. He would charge at it and at the last moment flip onto his back... I think the challenge was to see how far down his back he could get the streak. Once we are in GP permanently we'll be getting a BC and possibly something rug-like. Where we are here in Leeds there aren't the places to walk a dog of that nature properly.

  2. Tim - I thought it was just a female dog thing - I had no idea that males did it, too.

    It sticks like mad, too. Yuk.


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